Up and Running, Finally

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May God bless you and yours!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is my youngest Grandson Teddy Jones. He lives with my daughter and her hubby in Florida. Teddy Bear is as sweet as he looks. His mommy is a Veternarian and his daddy is an artist. With a dad, a grandpaw and an uncle who are artists, he is doomed to paint!

Oriental Vase and Orange

Sold (on eBay Feb 2011)
 This is one of my favorite vases. I love the color and shape of it. I've painted it many times. The blue goes so well with the complementary orange color. I'm still working on my oranges - they are so tricky, with all their little delicate parts. I hope to continue getting better with each mile of my brush. 

Two Pears & Grapes

This painting sold on eBay 2/2/11
This is an older painting that I was not happy with, so I have reworked portions of it. I am now much happier with the results. I love pears - to paint or eat! These two are in love - can't you tell?


This is my Grandson Luke. He is older now - this was painted about two years ago. He looks like he is pondering what adventure he will pursue next. He is all boy and full of energy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Audrey Grace

This is Audrey Grace, my youngest Grandaughter. She is now walking, talking, running, grabbing and laughing most of the time. Unfortunately, she lives in Florida so I don't spend nearly enough time with her. But I have lots of photos and paintings to remind me just how beautiful she is how blessed her Grand Paw is!


I painted this a year or so ago from a photo I took of my Grandaughter Zoe one Christmas. She was unaware of the camera. The best shots are those "unposed" ones, when the subject does not know they are being observed. This beautiful and super smart young girl is now a preteen wearing makeup and driving all the boys mad! So, her dad keeps a loaded gun close by and he is an expert shot. :) :) :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

High Fashion Model

I painted this last year. This is Nicole (same model for "Beauty in Black"). She loves to dress up and pose. I think a family member of her's now has this painting. My wife said it looks like it would be at home on the wall of a New York apartment. I don't know about that - Nicole is more at home in Alabama.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oriental Pitcher and Fruit

I'm working on looser brushwork. I usually paint too tight for my own taste. Probably something in my upbringing about being neat and clean?? My goal this year is to find myself, that is, my "voice" or my "style", and I want it to look like a painting, not a photograph. How am I doing? The bird's nest beside the pitcher was the hardest part of this.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tea and Berries

 I'm loving my new-found motivation to paint more often. But this scene makes me want to sit down, stop working and pour a cup of tea. 

I'm always working on solving the problems a painter faces. A white pitcher against a white backdrop is a challenge! I'm also working on figuring out what my "style" is. The main idea I suppose is to get better and better with each new painting.