Up and Running, Finally

Be sure to check out our new website http://www.AlabamaDailyPainters.com/. The site links to this blog plus several other Alabama painters. Many of the paintings below are available through ebay. Some are already sold, some have been given away, and others are in private collections and won't be for sale.

I hope you enjoy my work. Thanks for your interest. I'm available for commissioned paintings - portraits, pets, etc. Just fire me an email.

May God bless you and yours!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ashley with Flowers

This is my grandaughter Ashley. This is sold and hanging in a private collection. Ash is older now but still just as precious! She will be here from Virginia next week.

I've painted her over and over again. The collector's young daughter thought it was
 a painting of her :). I love painting children - I've painted several commissions from paintings such as this. Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beach Time

Another day building sandcastles. Ho hum. How do you like my beach "do"? The blue and orange make a nice complementary pair of colors. I've painted other similar paintings for moms and grandmothers when they saw this because it reminded them of their own kids and grandkids. I love painting children - they are the few remaining reminders of innocence and purity.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fruit Still Life

This painting sold on eBay on 12-20-10

This features two of my favorite standby actors- the oriental cup and the warm brown pot. The peeled orange took a long time to get close to being right. I need a lot more work on oranges. Tell me what you think.

Garden Color

This painting sold on EBay on Friday, 12/10/10.
Sunflowers are a real challenge. The main player here though is the multicolored watering pitcher - at lease I think that is what it is. I'll have to work more on sunflowers later. Maybe.

Oriental vase

This painting sold on eBay 12-20-10.
The blue and white on oriental vases create such a stimulating visual image.

The Earring

My wife Nan strolling on the beach at Gulf Shores, Alabama on a sunny summer morning. She needed earrings just in case a pelican or crab might see her. This hangs in my study as a reminder that there is a beach somewhere, with an umbrella shading an empty chair calling my name.

Daughter and Son

This is my baby girl (Cammi) with her baby boy (Teddy). I thought she would never marry and then thought she would never have a child. I caught the photo for this sitting in an outside cafe in St. Augustine, Florida one summer afternoon. My inspiration for this sort of painting is from the Spanish painter Royo. I love his colorful loose brushwork. I'm still a little too tight but I'm trying to improve. This is hangin just outside my study - a sweet reminder of God's gift of children and grandchildren.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


This is Sylvie, our cat. Our grandkids named her Sylvester before they knew "he" was a "she". So we changed her name to Sylvie. How do you like her "got milk" mustache?

Beauty in Black

This is Nicole, a lovely young lass who is the wife of a good friend. She loves to dress up and model. This is my attempt at combining a colorful loose background with accurate details in the subject. What do you think? Shall I do more of this type painting?