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Saturday, December 25, 2010

In The Potter's Hands

I am posting this painting on Christmas day, 2010 because it takes my thoughts to the call of this season - to simply be clay in the Master Potter's hands. He is the ultimate artist and He makes no junk! If we will only submit to His creative hands on our lives He will make something grand and beautiful out of the clay that we bring. Merry Christmas to everyone. May this painting call you, as it does me, to be at peace in the hands of the Potter.


  1. Hi Steve,
    May I have your permission to use this art for cover of my ebook, "In the Master's Hands," a collection of my Holy Scriptures-based essays, some of which were published by Philippine Panorama, which you may view at . This is a non-commercial ebook, I just want to compile my works and share with close friends. Of course I will place credit-- Art by Steve Abbot. Hope to hear from you. God bless.
    - Cymbeline

  2. Thanks CRV. Please see my 5/3/11email to you giving you permission.
    God bless!

  3. Hello Steve!

    In a search for a picture whitch would somehow fit with my preastly ordination motto from Ps 138: "Your love, Lord, endures forever — do not abandon the works of your hands", and this picture fits in perfect.

    May I have your permission to use this picture on a poster, and on a few things more. I will place credit on it if you let me.

    Regards from Croatia,
    - Sinisa

  4. Steve
    I have been looking for an appropriate image for the cover of a booklet called Moulded by the Master. It is the testimony of our Pastor Richard Garnham, of Moira Baptist Church, Northern Ireland. http://moirabaptist.org I have been involved in editing it and preparing it for printing. It will be a booklet for free distribution in our community.

    Is it possible you would grant us permission to use your image or purchase you image for such use? Of course I would ensure your image was properly credited etc. Thank you for your consideration. My contact is david@2hearts.org I was once Pastor of this church but now run my own voluntary ministry to those who suffer from major heart illness - hence the domain name.
    Thanks again and God bless you.

  5. Hi Steve my name is Marco and im the overseer in a recovery cristian mens home and i want your permission to use your art on a t-shirt that it will represent that GOD is working in their lives and i will place credit for it,thank you and God Bless you...ps:i will wait for you answer

  6. Hi Steve, this is a beautiful photo and it captures perfectly the image I would like to use in a video for a upcoming Sunday message at our church. May I have your permission to use your image for this purpose? This is for our ministry use only and not for selling purposes.

    I will wait for your reply.

    In Christ's Service,

  7. Hi Steve,
    May I request your permission to use your beautiful image for the front page of a liturgy which includes Jeremiah 18:1-11.
    The service will be the first Holy Communion of the new School of Ministry year in the Diocese of Sheffield, England.
    Please let me know how I may credit your work.
    Many thanks,

  8. Hi Steve;

    Your artwork is beautiful and a true blessing. Just to let you know I featured you and your painting "In The Potter's Hands" on my blog today. I do so every once in awhile with wonderful artist's on the net.

    God bless you,

  9. Hi Steve,

    This is an inspired painting. May I use it for an illustration on the screen from my women's bible study? Thank you.

  10. Hi Steve,

    This is beautiful and depicts exactly what we are trying to portray on our school website Formation & Ministry page. May I have your permission to use it?

  11. Steve, Could we please get your permission to use a B&W copy of the JPEG image for use on the cover of a small group Bible study called "By Divine Design'? We will give you credit on the inside cover.
    Thanks in advance, Gary Layne

  12. You have a number of requests to use this image. Here's one more. I want to make a sign which I can't claim as my own initial idea. It simply reads, "Please be patient with me. God isn't done with me yet." I saw that quip 20 or 30 years ago, and now in my 70's it's ever new. I would love to include this image. Is it for purchase, or what?

  13. PS, when I've finished the sign, I want to use it on my desktop, and share it at no cost with friends. You my appreciate this; I am an adult A.D.D. and there are times when folks really need to be patient with me, or just walk away.

  14. HI Steve, I was wondering if I could get your permission to use this painting on a poster for a Family and Parenting Conference at our church? It captures the essence of the theme for our conference, and would be a beautiful image for the poster and subsequent flyers. Thank you!!

  15. HI Steve, I was wondering if I could get your permission to use this painting on a poster for a Family and Parenting Conference at our church? It captures the essence of the theme for our conference, and would be a beautiful image for the poster and subsequent flyers. Thank you!!

  16. Hi Steve, I am interested in gaining permission or buying the rights to use this painting for our Biblical Counseling Center. Our center is called "The Potter's Wheel", and this would be perfect. Please contact me and we can discuss it. Thanks, Jack
    Pastor Jack Klosheim 607-547-9764